21MM-MR524 - 5 Wire Multiswitch 5 In 24 Out Mains Powered

5 Wire Multiswitch 5 In 24 Out Mains Powered


3 & 5 Wire Multiswitch Systems

Matchmaster has a premium range of 3 & 5 Wire Pay TV distribution systems to suit any project size. Our range of Terra 5 Wire equipment is considered a leader in the market both for quality and simplicity while delivering the best possible signal due to it’s high quality European design and engineering.
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Features and Benefits

  • Foxtel approved (F30820)
  • For star distribution system of 4 SAT IF polarities and terrestrial TV signal up to 32 users
  • 16 positions discrete gain regulator for terrestrial TV
  • Built-in power supply for remote DC feeding
  • Possibility to feed preamplifier through terrestrial TV input
  • Used with 5 Wire products only

Pack Quantity

Inner: 1 box of 1 piece


Foxtel Approval Number F30820
Frequency Range SAT IF 950-2400MHz
Terr. TV 47-862MHz
SAT IF Gain (fixed slope pre-correction) Outputs 1-8 -3 ÷ 5dB
Outputs 9-16 -4 ÷3dB
Outputs 17-24 -5 ÷1dB
Terr. TV Gain (fixed slope pre-correction) Outputs 1-8 -2 ÷ 3dB
Outputs 9-16 -4 ÷1dB
Outputs 17-24 -5 ÷0dB
Gain Adjustment Terr. TV 15dB by 1dB Steps
Output Level for SAT IF (IMD3=35dB)* 96dBµV
Output Level for Terr. TV (IMD3=60dB)* Outputs 1-8 86dBµV
Outputs 9-16 84dBµV
Outputs 17-24 82dBµV
SAT Inputs Decoupling ≥30dB
Outputs Decoupling SAT IF ≥30dB
Terr. TV ≥35dB
Rejection Terr. TV/SAT ≥30dB
SAT/Terr. TV ≥40
Supply Voltage Through RF Inputs H, Lo and H, Hi - 18V; V, Lo and V, Hi - 14V; Terr. TV - 12V
Current Consumption From Receiver <65mA
Power Consumption 230V-50/60Hz 3 W
Control Signals 14/18V, 0/22kHz
*2 Equal Carriers