05MM-KT04 - 4 Room TV Reception Installation Kit

4 Room TV Reception Installation Kit



Matchmaster provides a quality range of home theatre cables, accessories and mounts including HDMI cables and AV cables available in multiple lengths, wall plate inserts for AV and RF connection. Speaker cabling, LCD & Plasma swivel and flush mounts. Also included in Matchmaster’s range of accessories are RF attenuators and wall plate diplexers for satellite and FM integration. Matchmaster has the solution for all your home theatre requirements.
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Features and Benefits

  • Everything you need all in one kit
  • Easy to use installation kit
  • Do it yourself, no need for outside assistance
  • A-Class splitter for better screening
  • Pay TV approved cable included
  • Self install connectors

Pack Quantity

Inner: 1 box of 1 piece
Outer: 1 carton of 10 boxes (10 pieces)


Kit Includes
4x 05MM-WP01 'F' Type Outlet Plate
1x 07MM-GM04 4 Way 'F' Type Splitter
8x 08MM-A2 Adaptor 'F' Female To IEC (PAL) Male
4x 08MM-A3 Adaptor 'F' Male To IEC (PAL) Female
10x 08MM-F6T Connector RG6 Twist On 'F' Type
4x DA-FLY2M Flylead 2M RG6 Quad