14MM-PR02-30 - Active Return Path Module For 14MM-BA213U
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Active Return Path Module For 14MM-BA213U


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Premium range of VHF/UHF and combination mast head and house distribution amplifiers and modulators to suit all needs. Matchmaster’s range of mast head amplifiers have either 694MHz or 652MHz built in low pass LTE/4G filters to reduce interference from 4G mobile transmissions.
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Features and Benefits

  • Used for TERRA BA series broadband amplifiers
  • Frequency range 5~30MHz
  • Easy plug in
  • Forward path 47~862MHz
  • Allows for shaping the characteristics of the amplifier in the return path

Pack Quantity

Inner: 1 box of 1 piece


Frequency Range Return Path 5-30MHz
Forward Path47-862MHz
Attenuation Return Path 21dB
Forward Path-1dB
Output Level IMD3=60dB 113dBµV
Gain/Slop Adjustment 20dB
Noise Figure4dB
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