56MM-CFGS-O - Mobile Phone Signal Repeater for Optus 3G/4G (Stationary)
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Mobile Phone Signal Repeater for Optus 3G/4G (Stationary)


Product Summary

Cel-Fi Go Stationary provides mobile signal amplification for use indoors or outdoors for low reception areas. 56MM-CFGS-O combined with an external antenna plus an indoor or outdoor wall or ceiling mount antenna for even area coverage, so you no longer need to move to a particular spot to receive and make phone calls. In addition, the Cel-Fi Go repeater covers both 3G and 4G signals for mobile calls and data, allowing you to increase your data rate for uninterrupted browsing, streaming and providing an adequate signal from an external antenna.
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Features and Benefits

  • Boost your mobile signal with up to 100dB of gain
  • Designed for use inside buildings and outdoor areas to boost mobile coverage
  • Designed for use in Optus mobile network
  • Use with Cel-Fi WAVE applications for mobile phones, tablets and PC for easy setup
  • Band selection button for quickly selecting best signal available
  • Plug and play easy setup

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