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Optical Receivers

Fibre Optics

Matchmaster provide an extensive range of IP and fibre solutions for RF overlay and distribution. Simple IP solution using SAP protocol without the need for middleware through to advanced hospitality solutions. Simple fibre solutions for CATV and L-band in 1310nm and 1550nm wavelengths including DWDM solutions for 5 wire over single fibre distribution.
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Features and Benefits

  • Electronic setting of all parameters via push buttons
  • AGC based on optical input level
  • Digital indication of optical input level and other parameters via the LED display
  • Connectors: RF output - type F optical - SC/APC
  • Mains power for convenience 230V ~ 50/60Hz
  • Wide range operating temperature -20 to +50ÂșC

Product Range

Product Code Product Description
20MM-OD001A Mini Optical Node Receiver
20MM-OD003 Optical Receiver
20MM-OD004 Terr/SAT Fibre Receiver
20MM-OD100 Optical Receiver with 113dBuV Output
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Product Code 20MM-OD001A 20MM-OD003 20MM-OD004 20MM-OD100 20MM-OD120
Wavelength 1100nm-1600nm
Fibre Single Mode 9/125µm
Optical Connector SC/APC
Required Received Power -7 - +2dBm -10 - -3dBm -15 ÷ -6 / -8 ÷ 0 dBm -7 - +2dBm
Output Impedance 75Ω
Transmission Bandwidth 47-862MHz 47-1002MHz 47-2150MHz 47-862MHz
Controlled Output Level (42 ch, CENELEC) 94dBµV 80dBµV 78-80dBµV 113dBµV
Attenuator Adjustable 0-10dB (0.5dB) 0-15dB (1dB) 31dB by 1dB step 0-15.5dB (0.5dB) 0-15.5dB (1dB)
RF Test Point at Output -20dB - -20dB
Operating Voltage 187-250VAC 230V~ 50/60Hz 4W or DC 10-20V 2W 187-250VAC
Power Consumption 5W 4W 4W or DC 2W 14W
Connectors F-Type