14MM-UD104 - Programmer USB Data Bus Adaptor for PC includes SW
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Programmer USB Data Bus Adaptor for PC includes SW


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Matchmaster has a full range of Headend equipment from entry level to complex systems, including engineering support and system designs. Matchmaster can offer simple Channel Filters with AGC through to complex DVB modules for any type of broadcast including Encoders, Modulators & Transmodulators for DVB-T, DVB-C, DVB-S/S2, IP, ASI, SDI, FM and many more.
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Features and Benefits

  • UD104 is a stand-alone program, that allows to control and diagnose in an easy way the small version of CATV headend CMH3000 (two base units UC180 maximum.). Program is also capable for use with headends MMH3000 or RMH3000.
  • UD104 has addressing capabilities up to 32 modules, including 16 front mounted easy replaceable modules and 16 rear mounted system modules.
  • UD104 provides a user-friendly graphical interface for all programmable headend units control and for reading diagnostic information.
  • UD104 determines the configuration of the headend during scanning process, so no pre-configuration is needed.
  • All of the UD104 controls are activated by the click of the mouse left button (left-click).

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Pack Quantity

Inner: 1 box of 1 piece


Interface Types PC side - interface USB-A/USB-B
Headend Side - RS485 (RJ11/RJ11 cable)
Power 5V 30mA from USB port; 5V 40mA from handheld/data bus port
Package Content 1x UD104 interface adaptor
1x USB-A/USB-B cable
1x Data Cable RJ11/RJ11
1x CD with TERRA Link software and device drivers installation pack
1x User manual
Dimensions 61x35x20mm
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