14MM-AT08 - 8 Way Active Tap for Foxtel SMS
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8 Way Active Tap for Foxtel SMS


Pay TV Approved  

Splitters and Taps

Matchmaster has a premium range of RF Splitters & Taps ranging from 1 Way through to 8 Way. We cater for both Terrestrial and Satellite frequencies with both Single Port AC/DC and All Port DC Power Pass products available.
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Features and Benefits

  • 8 way active tap for Foxtel satellite multi stacker solution, Foxtel approval number F31026
  • Can be remotely powered via input port, output port and aux port
  • Built in slope and gain controls for satellite band
  • Terrestrial frequency range 47-862MHz, satellite frequency range 950-2400MHz
  • Suitable for MDU Foxtel systems


  Typical Value Remark
Frequency Range Terrestrial (TER) 47 ~ 862 MHz
Satellite (SAT) 950 ~ 2400MHz
Input/Output TER+SAT 1x Input/8x Taps F-Type Female Connector
DC_IN / GND Post 1/1 F-Type Female Connector
Insertion Gain TER 47 MHz 10dB Fixed Slope ~4dB
862 MHz 14dB
SAT 14dB  
TAP(TER/SAT) -10~-6/-6 20 dB lower than Outputs
Gain Adj TER 14dB  
SAT 14dB  
Slope Adj SAT 11dB  
Out-band Rejection SAT <-> TER 37dB  
Output Isolation TER 30dB  
SAT 35dB  
Return Loss TER 12dB  
SAT 12dB  
Max. Output Power Level TER 96dBµV 60dBµV IMA3 @ EN60728-5
SAT 97dBµV 35dBµV IMA3 @ EN60728-3
DC_ IN 2A/12V Optional External PSU  
DC from/to Input DIP SW CTRL & 2A max. 12VDC
Power Source 12VDC/2A @ PSU or Input Port or Taps port 8 from receiver  
Power Consumption 170mA Max.  
Dimensions in mm 295(L) x105(W) x54(H)  
Weight 572g  
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