The 03MM-DR3006 box contains the following components, a front 630mm boom, back 558mm boom, 552mm swivel lock element, 900mm swivel lock element and a dipole with a balun.

Step 1: Snap out the two riveted swivel lock elements on the front, 630mm boom and one on the back 558mm boom.

Step 2: Attach the dipole to the back 558mm boom underbody, lining up the pre-drilled holes located on the dipole and boom. Please ensure dipole is installed with balun towards the front of the antenna. Bolt these two units together using the M5 bolt, star washer, and wingnut provided in the small plastic bag. Ensure you install the star washer and wingnut on top of the boom body.

Step 3: Rotate the front and back booms so the riveted swivel lock elements are on top of the front and back boom. Join the front 630mm boom to the back 558mm boom using the 3/16″ Philips head screw, spring washer and wingnut provided in the small plastic bag. Make sure you install the spring washer and wingnut on the underbody of the boom body.

Step 4: Install the front 552mm swivel lock element to the front 630mm boom located at the front, and 900mm swivel lock element to the top of the back 558mm boom using the pre-drilled hole situated at the back.

Step 5: Attach the antenna to the mast using the U bolt and point to your nearest transmitter. Slide the rubber boot seal onto your coaxial cable. Strip the coaxial cable, attach the connector provided, and connect to the antenna’s balun. Fix the coaxial cable down the mast using UV grade insulation tape and cable ties.

Antenna Selection Guide

Hi and welcome to the Matchmaster tutorial on how to find the perfect antenna suited for your area and where to find one.

To begin, click on the antenna selection guide or type in www.matchmaster.tv. There, you will find the homepage of the antenna selection guide. We are going to take you through step-by-step on what to do.

Firstly, please type in the address that requires the antenna. It can be your house, an apartment or commercial property. When typing in the address, a tab will pop open underneath, please click on the correct address. There are four basic questions below, for this example we are going to be using these. Question 1: how many outlets required? Today let’s go with 4 outlets. One in the lounge, two in the bedroom and one in the kitchen. Do you live in an apartment? No. Is satellite pay tv required? Let’s go no. Are any FM outlets required? No. Click the find antenna button.

This will take you to a summary page of your recommended antenna. Today we have the 03MM-DC21V. As you scroll down, you will see the picture and basic specs, the installation diagram, the required parts list and your nearest wholesalers.

You will notice on the right hand side of the wholesalers, you have one or two options. Enquire now, which allows you to send the parts list to your selected wholesaler or a buy now button that instantly adds the parts list to the wholesales online shopping cart.

To find the direction to point the antenna, when installing, please check transmitter details and on the map, the red line will show you which transmitter to point towards to get the best reception.

Once finished viewing this page, simply download it as a PDF or you can email the report to yourself. Also, if you would like to modify your selected antenna, you can change it by clicking on alternate antennas at the top of the page, which will recommend other antennas for your area.

For further information, please give us a call on 1800-AREIAL or visit out website matchmaster.com.au. Thanks for watching.

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