04MM-HDC01 - Right Angle HDMI® Male To Female Adaptor

Right Angle HDMI® Male To Female Adaptor


Product Summary

The 04MM-HDC01 makes it easy to connect male and female HDMI connectors with a design that offers ports for each option. The unit sits at a right angle, making it easy to fit into tight spaces. It features gold-plated HDMI connectors and allows for full 1080p, while making it easy to connect different HDMI ports.
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Features and Benefits

  • Downward facing right angle for tight or confined spaces
  • Protrudes by 26mm from connected device
  • Gold plated HDMI® connectors
  • Full HD 1080p pass-through
  • Most convenient solution for HDMI port accessibility
  • Eliminate strain on your cables and connectors
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