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Matchmaster is proud to offer Australia’s first Lifetime Antenna Manufacturer Warranty for DigiMATCH Australian made antennas.

Equipped with 5G/4G filtering technology and heavy duty 12.7mm diameter elements for the Digital VHF range and 9.54mm diameter elements for the Digital UHF antenna’s. Matchmaster’s DigiMATCH digital range of antennas offer crystal clear reception. Manufacturing “for the best” high quality antennas in Australia for over 81 years allows Matchmaster to offer Lifetime Manufacturer Warranty on its DigiMATCH range of digital antennas.

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Products with Lifetime Manufacturer Warranty

01MM-DC21A Digital TV Antenna VHF/UHF (6-12)(28-40) 21 Elements
01MM-DG27 Digital TV Antenna VHF/UHF (6-12)(28-46) 27 Elements
01MM-SA100 Log Periodic Digital TV Antenna VHF/UHF (6-12)(28-46) 9 Elements
02MM-GX400 Digital TV Antenna With 4G/5G Filter UHF (28-51) 10 Elements
02MM-GX400PS Digital TV Antenna with 4G/5G Filter and Snap Lock Corner Screen UHF (28-51) 10 Elements
02MM-GX500 Digital TV Antenna With 4G/5G Filter UHF (28-51) 18 Elements
03MM-BIGRAY Phased Array Digital TV Antenna Vertical/Horizontal With Balun 16 Elements
03MM-DC21V High Gain Digital TV Antenna VHF (6-12) 8 Elements
03MM-DR3004 Digital TV Antenna VHF (6-12) 4 Elements
03MM-DR3004P Digital TV Antenna VHF (6-12) 4 Elements
03MM-DR3006 Digital TV Antenna VHF (6-12) 6 Elements
03MM-DR3006P Digital TV Antenna VHF (6-12) 6 Elements
03MM-DR3010 Digital TV Antenna VHF (6-12) 10 Elements
03MM-DR3018 Digital TV Antenna VHF (6-12) 18 Elements
03MM-LITTLERAY Phased Array Digital TV Antenna VHF (6-12) Vertical/Horizontal with Balun 8 Elements
03MM-M580 High Gain Digital TV Antenna FM + VHF (6-12) with 80dB 4G/5G Filter
03MM-M580V High Gain Digital TV Antenna FM + VHF (6-12) with 80dB 4G/5G Filter (Vertical Only)
03MM-SA200 Log Periodic Digital TV Antenna VHF (6-12) 5 Elements

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  • Limited Manufacturer Warranty

    Thank you for purchasing another quality Matchmaster Digimatch product from Matchmaster Communications Pty Ltd (Matchmaster, we, us, our).

    1. Consumer Guarantees under the ACL

    Our goods come with guarantees that cannot be excluded under the Australian Consumer Law. You are entitled to a replacement or refund for a major failure and for compensation for any other reasonably foreseeable loss or damage. You are also entitled to have goods repaired or replaced if it fails to be of acceptable quality and the failure does not amount to a major failure. The benefits under this Limited Warranty are in addition to the above rights and remedies.

    2. Additional Limited Warranty

    Matchmaster warrants to the original purchaser of selected Digimatch Antennas (Products) purchased after 1st March 2017 that the Product will be free from defects and/or faults in materials and/or workmanship during the lifetime of the Product (Warranty Period) while being used and maintained correctly.

    3. Repair or replacement

    3.1. Subject to the terms of this Limited Warranty, if a defect and/or fault in the materials and/or workmanship of the Product is discovered during the Warranty Period, we will either replace or repair (at our election) the Product without charge.

    3.2. Where Matchmaster elects to replace rather than repair the Product and no identical replacement is available for the Product being replaced, Matchmaster may replace the Product with a product of a similar standard and design then available from its range.

    3.3. If Matchmaster requires the return of any Product that is defective or faulty under this Limited Warranty, it will cover freight for the return of any such Product

    4. How to make a claim under this Limited Warranty?

    4.1. In order to make a claim under this Limited Warranty, you must:

    1. a. register this warranty online at within one month of the purchase date;
    2. b. retain the original purchase receipt and produce it to Matchmaster at the time of making a claim under this Limited Warranty; and
    3. c. report any potential defect or fault to Matchmaster as soon as possible after discovery.

    4.2. All warranty enquiries and/or claims should be directed to Matchmaster’s head office by:

    1. a. Post: PO Box 128 Riverwood NSW 2210
    2. b. Telephone: 1800 237 425 (within Australia); or
    3. c. Email:

    4.3. Please include a description, and photographic evidence, of the fault at the time you submit an enquiry or claim.

    5. What does this Limited Warranty not cover?

    5.1. This Limited Warranty does not cover any issue or defect with a Product caused by:

    1. a. conditions, malfunctions or damage to the Product not resulting from defects in material or workmanship, including ordinary wear and tear;
    2. b. improper installation or maintenance of the Product;
    3. c. failure to comply with the Product’s instruction manual and/or markings, including misuse or incorrect use of the Product or failure to maintain the Product;
    4. d. unauthorised modification, repair or servicing of the Product;
    5. e. acts of god and other extraordinary events, including flooding, fire, lightning strikes, voltage surges or irregular electrical power supply; or
    6. f. damage caused by wildlife, including birds, vermin and insects.
    7. g. Any product deemed to have been damaged in transit

    5.2. Except as required by law, or as provided under this Limited Warranty, Matchmaster is not liable for any loss, damage or expenses directly or indirectly arising in respect of the Product.

    6. Conditions of this Limited Warranty

    6.1. The liability under this Limited Warranty is subject to an assessment by us to determine the defect or fault. If a service call is required to determine the defect or fault and Matchmaster determines that the defect or fault is not covered by this Limited Warranty, Matchmaster reserves the right to invoice a customer directly for the service call, plus any parts and labour.

    6.2. This Limited Warranty is not transferable.

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