04MM-HDC15 - Standard Speed HDMI® Cable With Ethernet 15M

Standard Speed HDMI® Cable With Ethernet 15M


Product Summary

The 04MM-HDC15 is great for connecting TVs, projectors, and similar AV devices to DVD players, gaming consoles, and similarly receptive electronic systems. This male to male v2.0a cable supports 4K/2K, features a zinc-alloy metal shell paired with braiding made of a nylon mesh and is gold-plated.
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Features and Benefits

  • 15 metre length
  • Supports 3D and deep colour over HDMI®
  • Suits resolutions including 480p, 480i, 720p, 1080i, 1080p
  • Ensures the integrity of the signal between HDMI devices
  • Bi-directional networking at up to 100 Mbps

Pack Quantity

Inner: 1 hang sell box of 1 piece
Outer: 1 carton of 10 hang sell boxes (10 pieces)

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