14MM-MA077TB - TERRA Split-band Multi-input MATV Amplifier for FM, VHF and 3x UHF Feeds
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TERRA Split-band Multi-input MATV Amplifier for FM, VHF and 3x UHF Feeds


Product Summary

The MA077TB Split Band Amplifier is a high gain multi input Amplifier with independent gain controls for FM radio, Band 3 (VHF) and 3x UHF feeds. It can be used for combining multiple antennas or combining local house services from modulators etc with the Antenna signal for distribution in both Commercial MATV and Domestic systems.
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Features and Benefits

  • Can combine FM radio, VHF DVB-T or DAB+ signal and up to 3 UHF sources into a MATV network
  • High gain with 35dB for both FM (88-108MHz) and VHF (174-230MHz) band and 44dB for UHF inputs
  • 20dB gain adjustment per input via 10dB switch and 10dB dial
  • Built in LTE 4G/5G filters to UHF ports 2 (470-678MHz) and 3 (470-694MHz) with wideband UHF pass on port 1 (470-862MHz)
  • >10dB return loss per port
  • DC signals pass via UHF 3 12VDC 100mA maximum with DC overload LED indicator

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Pack Quantity

Inner: 1 box of 1 piece
Outer: 1 carton of 20 boxes (20 pieces)


Gain FM (88-108MHz) 35dB
  VHF III (174-230MHz) 35dB
  UHF (470-694MHz)** 44dB
  UHF 1 (470-862MHz) 44dB
  UHF 2 (470-678MHz)** 44dB
Number of inputs 5
Noise figure, typical VHF <5dB
UHF <4dB
Maximal output level IMD3=60dB (DIN45004B) 121dBµV, IMD3=60dB 118dBµV
Gain control 0 ÷ -20dB
Return loss >10dB
Test point -30dB
DC feeding for external 12V 100mA max.
Power consumption*** 230V ~ 50/60Hz 5W
Operating temperature range -20° ÷ +50°C
Dimensions/Weight (packed) 135x18052mm/0.72kg
** LTE signal suppression filter on the input
*** without external DC load; with maximal external DC load - 7W
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