14MM-SM90-5G - Smart Masthead Amplifier - Auto Programming with  3 Inputs and 90dBμV AGC Controlled Output
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Smart Masthead Amplifier - Auto Programming with 3 Inputs and 90dBμV AGC Controlled Output


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The SM90-5G is a new generation Smart Masthead Amplifier featuring three independent inputs, combining multiple antennas. The SM90-5G is auto-programming making it simple to set and forget. The amplifier will scan all available channels and amplify the weaker signals to match the stronger signals from local broadcasts. All channels will be output with even power levels to create a balanced and stable signal for your network. Channels with the same frequency can be amplified in and relocated to the LTE band or rejected (switchable).
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Features and Benefits

  • Smart Masthead Amplifier with fully automatic channel scan and process function upon double power cycle start-up
  • Scans all channels, amplifies the weak signals while keeping the strong channels and outputting an AGC controlled 90dBμV
  • SAW filters for LTE (4G/5G) protection on all inputs
  • Processes even the most difficult situations with adjacent channels from multiple antennas
  • All output channels have an equal and stable output power level of 90dBμV
  • Wide range power input - 9V to 18VDC - can be used with 14MM-PSF1A plus 14MM-PI62 or the 10MM-PSD14

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Inputs 3
LTE rejection 4G/5G (>CH51)
Channel plan VHF BIII + UHF
Automatic channel plan selection
LTE band rejection >40dB
Output 1
Output power 90dBµV
Frequency range 174-862MHz
Noise figure 7dB
LTE band re-use L2 = CH52-69 (694-862MHz) Switch On/Off
Adjacent channel isolation >35dB
RED Compliance Yes
Power 12V/300mA (DC over Coax) 9V DC Minimum to 18V DC Maximum
Power Supply External power supply - sold separately
Dimensions 120x115x50mm
Operating temperature -20 to +50°C
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