34MM-DAE1 - Digital Audio Extender Over CAT5e/6
Front View

Digital Audio Extender Over CAT5e/6


Product Summary

The 34MM-DAE1 is used to extend either Coax or Toslink digital audio up to 300m over a CAT5e/6 cable. Perfect for connecting remote screens in venues or homes back to the PA audio system or surround sound receiver.
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Features and Benefits

  • Transmission range: Up to 300m (990')
  • Accepts digital coax or optical Toslink
  • Supports Digital 5.1 (DTS, Dolby Digital, etc.)
  • High performance, zero signal loss with both outputs active from any input.
  • Data transmission rate: 12.8Mb/s
  • S/PDIF (digital coax): 96kHz performance

Pack Quantity

Inner: 1 box of 1 piece

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