56MM-4310P-NS - 4.3-10 Plug to
Front View

4.3-10 Plug to 'N' Socket Adaptor


Product Summary

The 4310P-NS is a 4.3-10 to N-type adaptor that can convert older style N plug terminated cables to newer 4.3-10 socket connections from modern antennas, splitters and combiners and any other 4.3-10 socket interface. The adaptor makes for a quick interface change where it is not possible or preferable to re-terminate cables.
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Features and Benefits

  • Adapt from 4.3-10 sockets to N-type sockets
  • Weatherproof gasket integrated to 4.3-10 interface
  • Designed for adapting modern antennas, splitters, combiners and any other 4.3-10 socket connections.
  • Allows quick adaption without the need to re-terminate cables
  • ≥ 500 cycle durability

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