56MM-5G11-M - 5G Multi-band Mobile Cellular Antenna with Black Stainless Steel Spring Mount Base
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5G Multi-band Mobile Cellular Antenna with Black Stainless Steel Spring Mount Base


Product Summary

The 5G11-M is an antenna kit with an omnidirectional 5G/4G/3G multi-band antenna intended for use in the bands 690-960 MHz, 1710-2700 MHz and 3500-3700 MHz. The 5G11-M is designed for mobile applications and features a black powder-coated stainless steel spring mount for vehicle durability. The antenna does away with the need for three separate antennas whilst maintaining high gain across the band. In addition, the antenna utilizes a low-loss 5m cable lead directly attached to the antenna, which allows for ease of installation.
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Features and Benefits

  • 5G/4G/3G multi-band performance omnidirectional antenna with black stainless steel spring mount base and 5m low loss RG58 cable terminated in low loss SMA plug
  • 6.0 dBi gain @ 690-960 MHz, 3.0 dBi gain @ 1710-2700 and 3500-3700 MHz
  • Factory tuned—no further tuning required.
  • Designed and manufactured in Australia for mobile applications, vehicles, trains, caravans, boats etc.
  • Fibreglass and thick-walled Radome with black coated stainless steel spring mount base
  • Simple and easy to use and install

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Electrical Specifications
Frequency 690 – 960 MHz Tuned Bandwidth 270 MHz
1710 – 2700 MHz Tuned Bandwidth 990 MHz
3500 – 3700 MHz Tuned Bandwidth 200 MHz
Gain 6 dBi (690 – 960 MHz)
3 dBi (1710 – 2700 MHz)
3 dBi (3500 – 3700 MHz)
Impedance 50 Ohm
VSWR < 2:1
Radiation Pattern Omni-directional
E Plane 3dB Beamwidth 20 deg
Length 905 mm (includes spring assembly)
Width Fiberglass: 16 mm (0.6”)
Spring: 35 mm (1.4”)
Weight 0.75 kg (1.65 lbs)
Termination SMA Plug, 5 m (16’) RG58 Cable Tail (05603)
Construction Fiberglass Radome, Black Coated Stainless-Steel Spring
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