56MM-E195-100 - 100m Coaxial Cable LL/LMR195 Type 5mm Low Loss Double Shielded
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100m Coaxial Cable LL/LMR195 Type 5mm Low Loss Double Shielded


Product Summary

100m High quality 5mm 50 Ohm LL/LMR195 type low loss coaxial cable for Radio and Cellular systems. It is suited for jumper assemblies in wireless communications systems and short antenna feeder cables. Designed for use predominantly with mobile/cellular antenna systems.
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Features and Benefits

  • 100m LL/LMR195 type coaxial cable is suitable for radio transmission, mobile 3G/4G and 5G cellular systems
  • Impedance: 50Ω nom
  • The velocity of propagation - 66%
  • Cut and terminate to the exact lengths required
  • Outside diameter: 4.95mm±0.05
  • Capacitance 98.4pF/M

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Pack Quantity

Inner: 1 reel of 100 metres


Material Construction OD Tolerance Pitch
Centre Conductor Anneald Bare copper Wire Single strand 0.94 OD±0.05 Strands ± 0.01  
Insulation:(Dielectric) Polyethylene Gas injected Foam 2.79 ±0.05
Shield 1 Polyster/Aluminium Unbonded Foil 0.12mm 3.03 ±0.05 Strands ± 0.01  
Shield 2 Tinned Copper Wire Braid 7/16/0.127mm 3.49mm ±0.05 Strands ± 0.01 14 ppi
Jacket (Sheath) Non Contaminating PVC Extruded 4.95mm OD ±0.05
Mechanical Characteristics
Net Cable Weight 3.6kg/100m
Cable weight (incl spool) 3.9kg/100m
Max Recommended pulling tension 19kg
Minimum Band Radius 20mm
Operating Temperture -40° to +80°C
Electrical Characteristics
Capacitance 98.4pF/M Frequency (MHZ) dB/100m Max Power Watts
Impedance 50ΩNom
Velocity of propagation 66% 30 8.4 600
Conductor DCR 3.29 Ohms/km 100 11.8 400
Shield DCR 1.25 Ohms/km 200 16.8 300
Nom. Inductance 0.059 uH/ft (0.194 uH/m) 400 24.0 215
Peak Power 16kW 500 32.0 160
Nominal Delay 5.05ns/mtr 800 36.5 140
Mazimum Operating Voltage   1000 38.5 133
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