56MM-E213-1 - RG213 Coaxial Cable 50 Ohm Single Braided 10mm Cable (Cut to Length)
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RG213 Coaxial Cable 50 Ohm Single Braided 10mm Cable (Cut to Length)


Product Summary

High quality 10mm 50 ohm RG213 Coaxial Cable for CB Radio systems. Suited for use with VHF and UHF radio systems with longer cable runs between devices and computer networking. Cut to Length in 1m increments.
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Features and Benefits

  • RG213 coaxial cable suitable for radio transmission, amateur radio and base radio antenna station. Cable is cut to length in 1m increments
  • Impedance: 50Ω nominal
  • Velocity of propagation - 66%
  • Cut and terminate to the exact lengths required
  • Frequency range 30-1000MHz
  • Capacitance 90pF/M

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Pack Quantity

Inner: 1 bag of 1 metre


Material Construction OD
Centre Conductor Twisted Anneald copper wire 7/0.752mm 2.26mm
Insulation:(Dielectric) Polyethylene Solid 7.25mm
Shield Annealed Bare Copper Wire Braid 8/24/0.18mm 8.15mm
Jacket (Sheath) Non Contaminating PVC Extruded 10.3mm
Flexibility Plasticiser 65p
Mechanical Characteristics
Cable weight (incl spool) 14.7kgs/100m
Max Recommended pulling tension 83kg
Minimum Band Radius 127mm
Operating Temperture -40° to +80°C
Electrical Characteristics
Attenuation Average Power
Capacitance 90pF/M Frequency (MHZ) dB/100m Watts
Impedance 50ΩNom
Velocity of propagation 66% 30 2.2 2100
Conductor DCR 5.58 Ohms/km 100 4.7 975
Shield DCR 3.93 Ohms/km 200 7.1 685
Nom. Inductance 0.255 uH/m 400 10.9 450
Peak Power 16kW 500 18.1 405
Nominal Delay 4.69ns/mtr 800 21.5 380
Maximum Operating Voltage 3700v RMS 1000 24.8 230
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