56MM-E500-ST - Spinner Trimming Tool for E500 50 Ohm Half-inch Cable
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Spinner Trimming Tool for E500 50 Ohm Half-inch Cable


Product Summary

The E500-ST is a Spinner stripping and trimming tool for the E500 50 Ohm half-inch cable. Prepare the cable for the installation of N500P and N500S connectors. It is a multi-fit tool designed for use with many reputable brands of 50 Ohm half-inch cable.
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Features and Benefits

  • Used for preparing 50 Ohm half-inch cables for N500P and N500S connectors
  • Steel age-hardened blades for longevity
  • Stainless steel springs and pins
  • Quality Spinner brand
  • Spare blades and instruction manual included

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Cable Type LF 1/2”-50
Connector type MultiFit™
Upper and lower part Polycarbonate with 20% GF
Blades Steel age hardened
Springs and pins Stainless Steel
Colour Red (similar RAL 3000)
Cable compatibility Spinner SPINNERFlex™ LF1/2"-50
Acome HPL50-1/2 F
Andrew LDF4-50A
Draka RFA 1/2”-50
Hansen RF 50 1/2”
Hengxin HCAAY-50-12
Leoni FlexLine 1/2”R
LS Cable HFC 12D Flexible Foam
RFS LCF 12-50, LCF 12-50L
Installation instructions M32109
Weight approx. 0.2 kg
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