56MM-E58-500 - 500m Coaxial Cable Roll RG58C/U Type 5mm, Made to MIL-C-17D Spec
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500m Coaxial Cable Roll RG58C/U Type 5mm, Made to MIL-C-17D Spec


Product Summary

500m High quality 5mm 50 ohm RG58C/U Coaxial Cable for CB Radio systems. Suited for use with VHF and UHF radio systems with shorter cable runs between devices and computer networking.
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Features and Benefits

  • 500m RG58C/U coaxial cable suitable for radio transmission, amateur radio and base radio antenna station
  • Impedance: 50Ω nominal
  • Velocity of propagation - 66%
  • Cut and terminate to the exact lengths required
  • Frequency range 30-1000MHz
  • Capacitance 98.4pF/M

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Pack Quantity

Inner: 1 reel of 500 metres


Material Construction OD Tolerance Pitch
Centre Conductor Twisted Anneald Tinned copper wire 19/0.18mm 0.89 OD±0.05 Strands ± 0.01 2ppi
Insulation:(Dielectric) Polyethylene Solid 2.92mm ±0.05
Shield Tinned Copper Wire Braid 7/16/0.127mm 3.49mm ±0.05 Strands ± 0.01 12 ppi
Jacket (Sheath) Non Contaminating UV Stable PVC Extruded 4.95mm OD ±0.05
Mechanical Characteristics
Net Cable Weight 3.6kg/100m
Cable weight (incl spool) 3.9kg/100m
Max Recommended pulling tension 19kg
Minimum Band Radius 25mm
Operating Temperture -40° to +80°C
Electrical Characteristics
Attenuation Average Power
Capacitance 98.4pF/M Frequency (MHZ) dB/100m Watts
Impedance 50ΩNom
Velocity of propagation 66% 30 7.79 560
Conductor DCR 35.4 Ohms/km 100 14.83 290
Shield DCR 13.45 Ohms/km 200 21.55 190
Nom. Inductance 0.194 uH/m 400 31.79 105
Peak Power 400W @ 150MHz 500 34.78 89
Nominal Delay 5.05ns/mtr 800 46.30 72
Maximum Operating Voltage 1400v RMS 1000 52.92 60
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