56MM-N400S -
Front View

'N' Socket for LL400/LMR400 50 Ohm Spring Finger


Product Summary

The N400S is a straight N-Type socket connector for 10mm solid core 50ohm coax LL400/LMR400 and similar, Spring Finger inner & crimp outer. Teflon (PTFE) dielectric and internal silicon rubber gasket for waterproofing
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Features and Benefits

  • N400S N-Type socket connector for use with 56MM-E400 series cable
  • Impedance: 50Ω Nominal
  • RoHS compliant. 10.7mm Hex crimp
  • Brass body with Nickel plating with Beryllium Copper contact pin with gold plating
  • Teflon Insulator

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