56MM-NP-NS -
Front View

'N' Plug to 'N' Socket Port Saving Adaptor


Product Summary

The NP-NS is a premium 'N' adaptor made by Spinner. It is specially designed to be used as a port saver on test equipment and other permanent interfaces so that constant connecting and disconnecting of cables or devices does not damage the equipment interfaces.
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Features and Benefits

  • Used as a port saver on test equipment
  • Silver-plated Copper-alloy inner and outer conductor
  • Silicon rubber sealing with PTFE insulator
  • Frequency range DC to 18GHz (maximum)
  • Nickel-plated Copper-alloy body
  • ≥ 500 cycle durability

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Connector type N plug \ N socket
Impedance 50 Ω
Frequency range 0 - 1 GHz 1 - 3 GHz 3 - 6 GHz 6 - 12 GHz 12 - 18 GH
VSWR ≤ 1.02 ≤ 1.04 ≤ 1.06 ≤ 1.12 ≤ 1.27
Intermodulation (IM3) 2x20W ≤ -165 dBc
Material and surface
Inner conductor copper alloy silver-plated
Outer conductor copper alloy silver-plated
Other metal parts copper alloy bright nickel-plated
Insulation PTFE
Sealing silicone rubber
Degree of protection IP68 (mated)
Standards IEC 61169-16
Weight approx. 0.03 kg
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