EMP/Lightning Protector with 230-1000V Gas Capsule -
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EMP/Lightning Protector with 230-1000V Gas Capsule

Product Summary

The SRG-N230 to SRG-N1000 is a 230 to 1000V EMP/lightning protector, depending on capsule installed—the gas capsule protects your high-end equipment. The gas capsule provided is replaceable and are available in different gas voltages depending on the application.
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Features and Benefits

  • Broadband use for most applications DC-2.5 GHz
  • Various gas voltage capsules available depending on system RF power.
  • Suitable for RF power systems up to 600W
  • Weatherproof “O” ring seal to panel and capsule cover
  • Fixed adaptor, N-Female – N-Female

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Product Range

Product Code Product Description
56MM-SRG-N230 EMP/Lightning Protector with 230V Gas Capsule
56MM-SRG-N350 EMP/Lightning Protector with 350V Gas Capsule
56MM-SRG-N600 EMP/Lightning Protector with 600V Gas Capsule
56MM-SRG-N800 EMP/Lightning Protector with 800V Gas Capsule
56MM-SRG-N1000 EMP/Lightning Protector with 1000V Gas Capsule


Product Codes Voltage Protection V= Grequency Range VSWR (loss)
56MM-SRG-N230 230V 0 ≤ f ≤ 1 GHz ≤ 1.06 (0.0037dB)
0 ≤ f ≤ 2.5 GHz ≤ 1.2 (0.036dB)
56MM-SRG-N350 350V
56MM-SRG-N600 600V
56MM-SRG-N800 800V
56MM-SRG-N1000 1000V
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