06MM-E6QM - 305m RG6 Messengered Quad-shield Coaxial Cable Reel
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06MM-E6QM - 305m RG6 Messengered Quad-shield Coaxial Cable Reel Packaging Image

305m RG6 Messengered Quad-shield Coaxial Cable Reel


Product Summary

E6QM is an RG6 75 Ohm messengered quad-shield coaxial cable for free-to-air, Foxtel pay TV and Optus HFC network systems. With an integrated catenary wire, E6QM is designed for above ground aerial installations where cables are suspended between locations such as communications poles and buildings. Available in 305m reels, E6QM is a 3GHz rated low loss coaxial cable with a copper-clad steel centre conductor for durability and four shielding layers to guarantee maximum signal protection and stability.
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Features and Benefits

  • An RG6 metre marked cable with quadshield messengered
  • Sold in a 305 metre reel
  • Suitable and approved for pay and digital TV
  • Foxtel (F30448), Optus (4867) and NBN approved
  • Catenary wire for overhead installation

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Pack Quantity

Inner: 1 reel of 305 metres
Bulk: 1 pallet of 37 reels (11,285 metres)

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Inner Conductor Material Copper Clad Steel Wire
Diameter, mm 1.02±0.01
Insulation Material Physically Foamed PE
Diameter, mm 4.57±0.15
Outer Conductor 1st shield Bonded Al/PET/Al Tape 4.78 ±0.13
2nd shield Al-Mg Alloy Wire Braid
3rd shield Non-bonded Al/PET/Al Tape
4th shield Al-Mg Alloy Wire Braid
Jacket Material FR PVC or PVC
Diameter, mm 7.54±0.20
Messenger Material Steel
Diameter, mm 1.30±0.05
Mechanical Properties
Bending Radius, mm Single 35
Typical 70
Pulling Strength, N 200
Adhesion Force, N >20
Electrical Properties
Impedance, Ω 75±3
DCR of Inner conductor, Ω /km 102.0
DCR of outer conductor, Ω /km 19.1
Capacitance, pF/m 54
Propagation Velocity, % 82
DC Breakdown Voltage, kV 5.0
Insulation Resistance, MΩ•km >1×104
Screening Attenuation, dB >105@5~1000MHz
Frequency MHz Max. attenuation @20℃,dB/100m
5MHz 1.90
55MHz 5.25
211MHz 10.00
250MHz 10.82
270MHz 11.04
300MHz 11.64
330MHz 12.26
350MHz 12.63
400MHz 13.61
450MHz 14.43
500MHz 15.29
550MHz 16.08
600MHz 16.73
750MHz 18.54
870MHz 20.04
1000MHz 21.49
1300MHz 24.49
1450MHz 25.89
1750MHz 28.67
2150MHz 31.79
2600MHz 35.30
2832MHz 37.74
3000MHz 38.84
Return Loss, dB
5-3000MHz ≥20
Operation -40~+70°C
UL 1581 UV Resistance 720h Compliant
2011/65/EU Compliant
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