16MM-P3500U - 750m .500" Unflooded Coaxial Cable Reel
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750m .500" Unflooded Coaxial Cable Reel


Coaxial Cable

Matchmaster has a complete range of PAY TV and FTA approved cables for both commercial and residential applications. Matchmaster’s range includes standard, flooded, messengered, Tri-Shield and Quad Shield RG6 and RG11 cable. Also available in White approved RG6 Quad Shield cable for indoor use. Whatever the application Matchmaster has the cable to suit.
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Features and Benefits

  • 0.500” metre marked cable with quad shielding unflooded
  • Unflooded cable designed for indoor and above ground use
  • Suitable for cable pay and digital TV distribution
  • Sold in a 750 metre reel
  • PE jacket

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Inner Conductor Material Copper Clad Aluminum
Diameter 2.77 ± 0.03mm
Insulation Material Physically Foamed PE
Diameter 11.43 ± 0.20mm
Outer Conductor Material Aluminum Tube
Diameter 12.70mm (Nom)
Jacket Material PE
Diameter 14.22 ± 0.20mm
Mechanical Properties
Single Bending Radius 152mm
Pulling Strength 800N
Adhesion Force >150N
Electrical Properties
Impedance 75±2Ω
Capacitance 50pF/m
Propagation Velocity 88%
Jacket Spark Voltage 5kV
Insulation Resistance >1x104 MΩ•km
Screening Attenuation >110dB
Frequency Max. attenuation @20℃,dB/100m
5MHz 0.52
55MHz 1.77
211MHz 3.58
300MHz 4.30
450MHz 5.35
550MHz 5.97
750MHz 7.09
865MHz 7.68
1000MHz 8.27
Return Loss
5-1000MHz ≥20dB
2011/65/EU Compliant
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