08MM-A12 - T Piece 3 Way
Front View
08MM-A12 - T Piece 3 Way

T Piece 3 Way 'F' Type Female Adaptor (5 Pack)


Product Summary

The A12 is a three-way 'F' type female connector that can connect cables in a tight space or can be used to create RF stub filters. The A12 is not designed as an RF splitter and does not offer port to port isolation from feedback or voltage. This 75 Ohm 'F' type female three-way T piece adapter allows routing a signal from a common source to two different devices, typically composite video baseband or audio signals.
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Features and Benefits

  • The design allows signal splitting to two devices or can be used to create RF stub filters
  • A handy device to have on hand to solve your interconnection problems
  • No tools required
  • High-quality nickel-plated finish for long-life corrosion resistance
  • All metal construction for durability

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Pack Quantity

Inner: 1 bag of 5 pieces
Outer: 1 carton of 20 bags (100 pieces)

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