08MM-B13 - BNC Male to BNC Female Right Angle Adaptor
Front View

BNC Male to BNC Female Right Angle Adaptor


Product Summary

The 08MM-B13 is a BNC male to BNC female right-angled adaptor. The B13 is the perfect accessory for tight spaces on the back of devices or bulkhead patch panels where cables need to be connected, and no bend radius space is provided. The B13 is a handy accessory to keep in your tool kit for that time of need.
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Features and Benefits

  • Used to adapt BNC connections by 90 degrees in tight spaces for cable management
  • BNC male and female with twist lock for durability and secure connection
  • No tools required
  • High-quality nickel-plated finish for long-life corrosion resistance
  • All metal construction for durability

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Inner: 1 box of 50 pieces

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