08MM-COMPKIT3 - Universal Compression Tool Kit RG6/11
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08MM-COMPKIT3 - Universal Compression Tool Kit RG6/11

Universal Compression Tool Kit RG6/11 'F' Type/BNC/IEC/RCA Suitable for Foxtel Connectors


Product Summary

The 08MM-COMPKIT3 universal compression tool kit is made for RCA, BNC, IEC, and “F” type compression connectors and can be used for Pay TV and RG6/RG11 cable. Included is a compression tool, a nonslip lockable cable cutter, an “F” removal tool, and a coaxial cable stripper. Presented in a sturdy case and contains a heavy-duty tool pouch with an adjustable waist belt.
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Features and Benefits

  • Universal compression tool kit for BNC, RCA, IEC and F Type compression connectors
  • Can be used with RG6 / RG11 and pay TV approved compression connectors
  • Kit contains 1 x compression tool, 1 x non slip lockable cable cutter, 1 x coaxial cable stripper and 1 x "F" removal tool
  • Kit comes with a heavy-duty hard cover carry case. Also included is a heavy duty tool pouch with spare pocket for accessories with a 56" adjustable waist belt.

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