08MM-CT07 - Universal Compression Tool RG6/11
Front View
08MM-CT07 - Universal Compression Tool RG6/11

Universal Compression Tool RG6/11 'F' Type/BNC/IEC/RCA Suitable for Foxtel RG6/11 Connectors


Product Summary

The 08MM-CT07 is a universal compression tool for RCA, BNC, IEC, and "F" type compression connectors. The tool is designed for use with Foxtel approved TRSF-6L, APFCF-RG6 and DRS-11L RG6 and RG11 compression connectors. Included is a compression tool with a standard reversible 'F' type compression die plus an additional universal die for BNC, RCA, IEC and 'F' connectors. In addition, the CT07 plunger is depth adjustable to suit many different compression connectors, including compact connectors like the 08MM-QM06S making it a truly universal tool to keep in your kit.
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Features and Benefits

  • Universal compression tool for 'F' Type, BNC, IEC and RCA connectors
  • Designed for use with RG59, RG6 and RG11 cables
  • Suitable for Foxtel RG6 and RG11 compression connectors
  • Adjustable compressor to suit every Matchmaster compression connector
  • Holds cable in place when compressing for a more accurate connection
  • Provides a leverage system to make compressing easy

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