08MM-QM59 - RG59 Quick Mount Universal Compression Connector (100 Pack)
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RG59 Quick Mount Universal Compression Connector (100 Pack)


Product Summary

The 08MM-QM59 is an RG59 Quick Mount connector designed to fit quad shield and dual shield RG59 cables, suited perfectly to Matchmasters 06MM-E59Q. The Quick Mount technology allows for quick terminations saving you time and eliminating the need for removing or peeling back layers of braid and foil.
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Features and Benefits

  • RG59 Quick Mount technology - No need to pull back braid or remove the foil sheath-like traditional connector
  • Frequency range 0.3 - 3000 MHz
  • Just strip the cable, place it on the connector and compress
  • The heavy-duty coaxial cable compression feature
  • Used with Matchmaster compression tools, 08MM-CT01S and 08MM-CT07
  • Simple and easy to use

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