18MM-DB1 -
Front View
18MM-DB1 -

'F' Type DC Isolator


Product Summary

The 18MM-DB1 is an in-line DC isolator for use in RF networks where you need to cut the voltage in the line. The DB1 is perfect for use in Foxtel satellite networks where DC voltage is regularly passed up or down the coaxial network to power active devices. The DB1 can be used anywhere in the network where you need to cut the voltage while passing the RF without interruption. Foxtel approved (F10456)
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Features and Benefits

  • In-line DC cutter for 75 Ohm RF networks
  • Passes frequency range of 5-3000Mhz
  • Low insert loss 0.2-0.5dB
  • Cuts voltage up to 50V DC
  • Return loss >20dB
  • Foxtel approved (F10456)

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Pack Quantity

Inner: 1 bag of 5 pieces
Outer: 1 carton of 40 bags (200 pieces)
Bulk: 1 carton of 8 cartons (1000 pieces)


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