18MM-KSNF - KS 5/8" to
Front View
18MM-KSNF - KS 5/8" to

KS 5/8" to 'N' Type Female with Nitin 6 Plating


Product Summary

The 18MM-KSNF is a professional series Cabelcon KS 5/8" to N type female 75 Ohm adaptor. The KSNF is made from solid brass with Nitin-6 plating for long life and durability. Perfect for adapting amplifier and other hardware housings from KS 5/8" ports to N female to match your cable termination. The connector also features an O-ring to make a water-tight connection to the housing.
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Features and Benefits

  • Premium quality Cabelcon hardline 5/8" KS to N-Type 75 Ohm adaptor
  • Designed to adapt professional level amplifiers, splitters/taps or other hardware KS ports to N-Type
  • Greater than 30dB return loss at 1GHz
  • Operating frequency range DC-3GHz
  • Solid brass body with Nitin-6 plating
  • Housing adaptors make it very easy to connect and disconnect the cable/ connector assembly from active and passive trunk components without removing the connector from the cable.

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Pack Quantity

Inner: 1 bag of 1 piece
Outer: 1 carton of 20 bags (20 pieces)

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