18MM-QC01 -
Front View

'F' Push-on to 'F' Push-on 5-3000MHz Adaptor


Product Summary

The 18MM-QC01 is a professional ‘F’ type quick connection push on adaptor used to adapt any F-type female connector. The QC01 can adapt lead ends to quick connection interfaces to allow the joining of ‘F’ type female connections. Perfect for linking together multiswitches and adapting RF test leads allowing easy outlet or antenna testing without the need to physically screw onto the ‘F’ type female RF ports. Foxtel approved (F30926)
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Features and Benefits

  • ‘F’ type quick connect push on connector
  • Nickel-plated brass body for long-life corrosion resistance
  • Easy, quick connection of multiswitch and tap systems
  • Return loss >20dB @ 3000MHz
  • Foxtel approved (F30926)

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