11MM-DFE100GS - Dektite Rubber Premium Solar Grey (0-35mm)
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Dektite Rubber Premium Solar Grey (0-35mm)


Product Summary

The DFE100GS dektite is a premium quality EPDM rubber, rated for up to 115°C. This dektite comes with two ports suitable for antenna and solar cables. Including a reinforced aluminium frame around the base, designed to mould to multiple roof profiles. UV rated, durable, lead free with minimal tools required for installation allowing 0-35mm penetration.
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Features and Benefits

  • Penetration size: 0-35mm
  • Aluminium base that can be formed to suit your roof profile
  • Dektite comes with two additional ports suitable for cables
  • Dektite has unique rubber boot design that provides contact with flashing pipe to create a perfect watertight seal
  • Rubber Dektite designed to withstand high temperatures of up to 115°C
  • Grey in colour and UV rated

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Pack Quantity

1 loose piece
Outer: 1 box of 20 loose pieces


Penetration Size 0-35mm
Base Dimension 101 x 101mm
Roof Pitch 0-45°
Colour Grey
Material EPDM Rubber
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