03MM-M580V - High Gain Digital TV Antenna FM + VHF (6-12) with 80dB 4G/5G Filter (Vertical Only)
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High Gain Digital TV Antenna FM + VHF (6-12) with 80dB 4G/5G Filter (Vertical Only)


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The 03MM-M580V is a 5-element FM + VHF (Ch 6-12) Yagi DigiMATCH antenna specially built for use in vertical signal reception regions. The M580V is built using Matchmaster's G-unit technology and is designed for frequency bands FM 88-108MHz and VHF Band 3 174-230MHz. The antenna features a hermetically sealed balun with up to 80dB of screened filtering for 4G/5G to help prevent mobile signal interference. The M580V elements are constructed from heavy-duty 12.7mm extruded aluminium tube, making the M580V well designed to handle the harsh Australian environment. Made in Australia, fully assembled and ready for installation.
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Features and Benefits

  • The best just got better! 03MM-M580V comes with the Matchmaster Gold Lifetime Manufacturer Warranty
  • Hermetically sealed balun to prevent water and dust ingress
  • 4G/5G filtering built in with up to 80dB rejection in the 700MHz band
  • Fully assembled ready to install to save on installation time
  • Typical 8dB VHF gain with 12dB front to back ratio and <2:1 VSWR
  • 12.7mm heavy-duty extruded elements for maximum strength and durability

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