12MM-TDM6 - Combination Signal Meter for DVB-T and Analogue
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Combination Signal Meter for DVB-T and Analogue


Discontinued Product

Product Summary

12MM-TDM6 is discontinued and has been superseded by 12MM-DSTM2 or 12MM-H30FLEX.

The TDM6 is a compact handheld meter for measuring DVB-T and analogue RF signals. The TDM6 measures MER, pre and post-BER, digital power and C/N. The TDM6 can data log services with pass/fail indicators, which can be downloaded to your PC.
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Features and Benefits

  • DVB-T/C and analogue measurements
  • Spectrum analyser for network analysis
  • Data logger for service records
  • Measure MER, pre and post-BER, RF power and carrier noise
  • Compact and lightweight for ease of use
  • 4-5 hours battery life

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