14MM-GNAMP - Headend Combiner Amplifier For Chameleon/Tangram
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Headend Combiner Amplifier For Chameleon/Tangram


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Features and Benefits

  • Allows you to combine and amplify up to 8 RF inputs
  • Headend combine-amplifier
  • Redundant and hot swappable power supply
  • Management via web interface
  • Monitoring via SNMP
  • Adjustable gain and input attenuator via web GUI

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Pack Quantity

Inner: 1 box of 1 piece


Frequency Range 47-1006MHz
Analog TV Inputs Input Nr. 1-4
QAM/FM Inputs Input Nr. 5-8
Impedance 75 Ohm
Gain 8dB (±0.5dB)
Output Level 98dBµV (CENELEC flat)
CNR >69dB @ Input Level 90dBµV
Input Attenuator 0-10dB (0.5dB)
Interstage Attenuator 0-5dB (0.5dB)
Interstage Slope 0-5dB (0.5dB)
Input Isolation ≥25dB (-1 dB/Oct.)
FM Filter Input (switchable) Input Nr. 7, 8
FM Filter Interstage (switchable) Input Nr. 1-4; 5-8
RF-Test Point -20dB
Loop Through Input 0dB
Dimensions 425 x 43 x 250mm
Power Supply Redundancy, Hot Pluggable, Current/Voltage controlled
EMC EN50083-2
Power Consumption ≥11W
Operating Temperature Range -20° - +50°C
Nominal Temperature Range 0° - +45°C
Input 8 x F-connector
Output 1 x F-connector
Test Point 1 x F-connector
LT-Input (0dB) 1 x F-connector
Management RJ45
Indicators 5 x LED (Amp, Temp/Fan, PS1, PS2, Power)
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