20MM-OAD518 - TERRA Modular Fibre Optic Amplifier with 8x 10dBm Output
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TERRA Modular Fibre Optic Amplifier with 8x 10dBm Output


Product Summary

Terra OAD518 is a modular Fibre Amplifier with 8 x 10dBm outputs suited to work with Terras 1550nm fibre transmitters to expand any RF fibre network up to 256 ONU's or greater depending on ONU operating range.
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Features and Benefits

  • Fibre Optic Amplifier with 8 x 10dBm outputs (FC/APC)
  • Matched perfectly with Terra's 20MM-MO418L-4D55-1550 fibre transmitter
  • Web interface and SNMP monitoring
  • Low noise with high output and reliability with automatic shutdown on low input
  • Can be powered either by UP413/UP410S power supplies or by direct injection via DC jack with 12V DC (power consumption 1200mA @ 12V)
  • Wide input power range of -3dBm to +10dBm

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Pack Quantity

Inner: 1 box of 1 piece

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Operating wavelength 1528-1564 nm
Input power -3...+10 dBm
Number of outputs 8
Power per output 10 dBm
Noise figure 5 dB max.
Optical return loss min. 50 dB
Statue indication LAN & LED
Supply voltage 12 V ± 1 V
Current consumption 1.2 A max
Operating temperature range 10 ÷ + 35° C
Dimensions/weight(packed) 65x198x124.5mm/1.7kg
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