20MM-OR301M - Optical RX 3x4 Multiswitch (Suitable for 20MM-OT301)

Optical RX 3x4 Multiswitch (Suitable for 20MM-OT301)


Fibre Optics

Matchmaster provide an extensive range of IP and fibre solutions for RF overlay and distribution. Simple IP solution using SAP protocol without the need for middleware through to advanced hospitality solutions. Simple fibre solutions for CATV and L-band in 1310nm and 1550nm wavelengths including DWDM solutions for 5 wire over single fibre distribution.
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Features and Benefits

  • Compact optical receiver for Terra OT301 Transmitter with built in 3x4 multiswitch
  • Can connect up to 2 x IQ set top boxes directly
  • Built in AGC system based on Optical input value
  • Powered by STB or external power supply
  • Robust die-cast housing
  • FC/APC fibre optic interface - 1100-1650nm input range
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Optical input
Wavelength 1100 - 1650 nm
Optical input level (OLC range) -15 ÷ -5 dBm
Optical return loss > 40 dB
RF outputs

4 x (950-2150) MHz
47-790 MHz
Return loss / impedance > 10 dB / 75 Ω
DTT RF output signal level for 8 transponders (optical -5 ÷ -15 dBm) 75 dBµV (per transponder)
SAT IF output level for 30 transponders (optical -5 ÷ -15 dBm) 75 dBµV (per transponder)
SAT IF output control 14/18 V
Supply voltage range
SAT IF output

10 V รท 20 V
13/18 V
Power consumption 2.7 W
Main characteristics
Operating temperature range -20° ÷ +50°C
Dimensions/Weight (packed) 145x86x37 mm/0.42 kg