09MM-FD05 - Filter Band Pass Channels (40-45) Band D

Filter Band Pass Channels (40-45) Band D



Matchmaster has a broad range of band filters, triplexers and diplexers. Matchmaster has block specific filters for blocks A – E plus 694MHz and 652MHz low pass filters for general 4G (LTE) interference reduction. We also offer a range of Isolators and Surge arrestors for 75 Ohm systems up to 3GHz. Designed to be used both indoors and outdoors.
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Features and Benefits

  • Frequency 610-652MHz
  • Eliminates unwanted channels at lower frequency to allocate correct logical channel numbers
  • Eliminates 4G phone interference
  • Through loss <4.6dB typical
  • Weatherproof housing for external mounting

Pack Quantity

Inner: 1 hang sell box of 1 piece
Outer: 1 carton of 50 hang sell boxes (50 pieces)
Bulk: 1 carton of 2 cartons (100 pieces)