14MM-GT23W - WISI Tangram IP to QAM Card (12 x DVB-C)
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WISI Tangram IP to QAM Card (12 x DVB-C)


Product Summary

The GT23W module is part of the Tangram product portfolio and converts IP signals to QAM channels (digital TV programs). GT23W supports numerous IP inputs with SPTS VBR/CBR and MPTS CBR, multiplexing and demultiplexing, PSI/SI regeneration, content encryption and can modulate up to 12 QAM channels with different standards (DVB-C/J.83 Annex A and C).
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Features and Benefits

  • High-quality IP to QAM modulation with up to 12 QAM channels on 2 RF outputs
  • DVB CSA Simulcrypt scrambling
  • Fully redundant concept (1+1, n+1)
  • High density 72 QAM channels in 1 RU
  • DVB/ARIB transport stream processing with QAM channels individually switchable on/off
  • Easily managed by an intuitive WEB based UI

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IP-Inputs 128 pcs
IP-Compliance ISO/IEC 13818
IP-Input Bitrate Max. 425 Mbit/s per IPTS,Max. 850 Mbit/s total
IP-Input Protocol UDP/RTP/RTP+FEC Unicast and Multicast, IGMP v2 and v3
IP-FEC Inputs Yes, with GTFEC License
IP-FEC Compliance SMPTE 2022-1, SMPTE 2022-2
IP-Packet Format MPEG over UDP/IP and RTP/IP
IP-Packet Size 188 Byte
IP-PCR Restamping Yes
IP-Dejittering Yes, per default 100ms, individual adjustable
QAM Modulation
Compliance DVB-C (EN 300 429), ITU-T J.83
Annex A, B and C
Modulation Type 16-, 32-, 64-, 128-, 256-QAM
Symbol Rate 4,45...7,00 MS/s
Roll-Off 12%, 13%, 15%, 18%
MER > 45 dB (typ. 46 dB)
BER ≤ 1*10-10
Spectrum Flatness ± 0,3 dB
Shoulder Attenuation ≥ 55 dB
RF parameters
Output Ports 2 pcs
Channels Per Port up to 4 (DVB-C, J.83 Annex and C), up to 3 (J.83 Annex B)
Output Impedance 75 Ω
Output Frequency Range 45...1002 MHz
Output Frequency Window 34,2 MHz/port
Output Frequency Steps 1 kHz
Output Frequency Stability ± 10 kHz
Channel Bandwidth 6/7/8 MHz
Output Level (each RF port) 119 dBμV (1 ch), 115 dBμV (2 ch), 113 dBμV (3 ch), 111 dBμV (4 ch)
Output Level Stability ± 1 dB
Output return loss ≥ 14 dB (45 MHz) -1,5 dB/Octave
Output level steps 0...30 dB (0,5 dB steps)
Spurious (Inside TV-Channels) > 60 dB
Spurious (outside TV-Channels) 45...450 MHz, typ. 66 dB, 450..1002 MHz, typ. 64 dB
Service Remultiplexing Yes, with GTMUX Software option
PID Filtering and Remapping Yes
PCR correction and de-jitter Yes
Advanced PSI/SI regeneration Yes
NIT generation Yes, with GTPSISI or GTSYMUX
Encryption Yes, DVB-CSA
Encryption throughput Max. 450 Mbps total (DVB-C 8 outputs, J.83 Annex A,C), Max. 300 Mbps total (J.83 Annex B)
Compliance ETSI EN 300 468
Processing Bitrate Max. 1200 Mbps total
Number of PIDs Max. 2000 PIDs total
RJ45 1 pcs
F-socket RF- output 4 pcs. (2x RF-Output, 2x Test-Output -20dB ± 1dB)
General data
Power Consumption Max. ≤ 19 W
Operating Temperature Range -5°C...+45°C, 23°F...113°F, (ETSI EN 300 019-1-3 Class 3.1)
Max. Humidty (Non-Condensing) 95%
Electro Magnetic Compatibility (EMC) EN 50083-2, FCC CFR 47 Part 15 (Class A)
Safety Compliance CE, UL/CSA/CAN 62368-1
Signalling Multicolor LEDs (Power on - green, Error - red)
Operation Mode DVB-C 8 outputs J.83 Annex B, J.83 Annex C
Hardware Revision 1000
Software Version 3.3.1
Dimensions (WxHxD) 100 x 20 x 250 mm
Gross Weight 0.180kg
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