14MM-KIT-420-VHF6 - VHF Headend Kit with 6 Channels
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VHF Headend Kit with 6 Channels


Product Summary

The 14MM-KIT-VHF6 is a VHF single channel filter headend from Terra Electronics suitable for use in both metro and regional zones where VHF transmission is used. The headend package caters for up to 6 VHF channels and provides independent SAW filtering and AGC control for each channel. The AT422 filter cards are easily programmed via the touch button control keys and can be electronically locked once configured to prevent unwanted tampering by others. The headend package can be easily installed into communications racks or fastened directly to a wall.
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Features and Benefits

  • Parts included: 3x 14MM-AT422, 1x 14MM-MA400, 1x 14MM-UP410S, 2x 14MM-CB420 and 1x 14MM-MR19-420
  • Comprised of 3 x AT422 VHF twin channel SAW filtered amplifiers
  • Twin programmable 420 series offers independent channel SAW filtering and AGC control
  • Independent electronic controlled input filters, non-adjacent channel operation
  • Twin channel amplifiers for each module totalling 6 x VHF channels
  • Compact and efficient single-channel headend solution where regeneration is not required
  • Lockout feature to prevent tampering

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Kit Components

Product Code Description Quantity
14MM-MA400Multi-channel Headend Multiband Amplifier1
14MM-MR19-42019" System Rack Mountable1
14MM-UP410SDIN Rail Multi-channel Power Supply1
14MM-AT422VHF Twin Amplifier 7MHz Channel AGC3
14MM-CB420Female to Female Quick Coaxial Bridge2
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