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Chameleon Software Licenses

Product Summary

Chameleon software options are one off licence files that enable specific functionalities, Multiplexing, DVB Modulation, IP Streaming, Encryption or Decryption of services, plus many more. The software options can be bought at the same time as the hardware, or as a separate order. You can add software options to an existing Chameleon at any time, when you want more functionality or simply to upgrade to the latest available features.
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Features and Benefits

  • Individual unlocking of required functionality. You only pay for what you use
  • Hospitality applications for content protection using DRM including both descrambling and scrambling of services
  • Firmware version upgrades for 12 months from activation
  • Quick and easy expansion by adding additional units or software options, extended SLA available
  • Absolute flexibility for signal processing

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Pack Quantity

Inner: 1 box of 1 piece

Product Range

Product Code Product Description
14MM-GNCI License For One CI Slot
14MM-GNCMOD License For One QAM Output
14MM-GNDASI License For Dual ASI In/Out BNC 1 & 2
14MM-GNDCI License For Two CI Slots
14MM-GNDCMOD License For Two QAM Outputs
14MM-GNDOL License For Dolby Audio Decoding
14MM-GNDTMOD License For Two COFDM Outputs
14MM-GNDVMOD License For Two VSB Outputs
14MM-GNHSDI License For HD SDI Decoder On BNC1
14MM-GNOCTFM License For 8 FM Radio Outputs
14MM-GNSCR License For Quad Simulcrypt Scrambler
14MM-GNSSDI License For SD SDI Decoder To BNC1
14MM-GNSTR License For IP Streaming
14MM-GNSTREC License For IP Streaming With FEC
14MM-GNSYMUX License For Umbrella Software For Interconnected Multiplexers
14MM-GNSYSMG License For System Management
14MM-GNTMOD License For One COFDM Output
14MM-GNVMOD License For One VSB Output
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