11MM-15FTL - 15
Front View

15' x 1.50" Mast (4.57m x 3.81cm)


Product Summary

The 15FTL is a 15-foot (4.57m) by 1.50-inch (3.81cm) heavy-duty Galvabond steel tube for antenna and communications installations. Supporting accessories (sold separately) allow the 15FTL mast to be installed on various surfaces and roof types. Proudly made in Australia, it is designed to last.
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Features and Benefits

  • Suitable for attaching TV and communications antennas and amplifiers.
  • It is made from high-quality Galvabond Australian steel.
  • It can be installed on tile, metal, clip lock, colour bond roof surfaces, concrete surfaces, and wall mount brackets.
  • Length: 15' (4.57m) mast with 1.50" (3.81cm) diameter
  • Mounting accessories include roof mounts, 11MM-TRM-MD, IRM, LARM, CW180 guy wire, GCA32 collar assemblies, HC01, HSS6FT and HSS8FT stay bars.
  • Can be wall mounted using 11MM-WFxx series mounts

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