11MM-CM03 - 1.8m Gutter Kit with Separate Mast
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1.8m Gutter Kit with Separate Mast


Product Summary

The CM03 is a 1.8m heavy-duty two-piece galvanised steel gutter mount. The 1.8m mast is separate from the base mount, allowing you to install the base first and then attach the antenna and accessories to the mast before sliding over the base mount, tuning antenna direction and fastening into place. This makes the mount a safer unit to work with as there is no overreaching from ladders, work platforms or roof edges to attach and tune the antenna.
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Features and Benefits

  • Separate mast for pre-installation of antenna and amplifier
  • Allows mounting around a roof gutter
  • Galvanised finish
  • Bolts to rafter under roof tiles and protrudes above guttering
  • Heavy-duty construction

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