11MM-GAP/4 - Heavy-duty Guy Wire Anchor Plate (4 Pack)
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Heavy-duty Guy Wire Anchor Plate (4 Pack)


Product Summary

The GAP/4 is a heavy-duty galvanised steel guy anchor plate that allows multiple fastenings to a surface. You can use the GAP/4 for additional structural support to guy anchor points when using larger masts. Ideal for anchoring to multiple surfaces, including tin roofs, concrete and timber.
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Features and Benefits

  • Heavy-duty hot dip galvanised guy anchor plates for masting
  • 4 points of surface securing and 4 points of attachment per plate
  • Can mount to tin roofs, concrete and timber surfaces with the use of suitable fastenings
  • Convenient four-pack
  • Ideal for anchoring antenna masts, including telescopic masts

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