11MM-TRIPOD-MAU - 1.2m Tripod Mount for Metal Roofs
Front View

1.2m Tripod Mount for Metal Roofs


Product Summary

Now as Aussie as the Australian Bottle Brush! The TRIPOD-MAU is a 1.2m two-piece antenna mount specially designed for metal or tin roofing use. Manufactured and Galvanised in Australia for the highest quality protection against the harsh Australian environment; this is especially important in coastal areas where salt corrosion quickly destroys cheaply coated or unprotected metals. Quick and easy installation by existing roof screws or addition of self-tapping roof screws via slotted fastening points in the base plate.
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Features and Benefits

  • Australian designed, Australian made, Australian quality
  • Designed for mounting on metal roofing
  • Manufactured and Australian galvanised finish for optimum corrosion protection and peace of mind
  • Two-piece kit consisting of a base plate with a 1.2m mast
  • Quick and easy installation by using existing roof screw points
  • Sturdy and robust design for maximum durability

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