55MM-SM32 - 3m Mast Tripod Mount with Adjustable Stay Bars
Front View

3m Mast Tripod Mount with Adjustable Stay Bars


Product Summary

The SM32 is a 3m fixed mast antenna mount suitable for TV, Radio, Cellular and ISP antennas. It is designed for metal-clad roofs and features duo cleats for securely mounting the stay bars to the roof surface. Using a one-piece 3m x 42.4mm outer diameter mast for durable installations. The ultra-heavy-duty design makes the SM32 the right choice for larger, heavier antennas where weight and wind loading apply*.
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Features and Benefits

  • 3m metal roof mount suitable for ISP, Cellular, TV and Radio antennas
  • Heavy duty 42.4mm mast outside diameter
  • Telescoping support arms with duo cleat roof mount brackets for ease of installation
  • Suitable for cladding rib heights between 16mm and 30mm and rafter and batten spacing from 900-1200mm
  • High-quality Galvabond® steel
  • Proudly made in Australia

    * The SM32 mount is designed for maximum wind speed of 71 m/s or N4, C2 Classification with maximum 0.16 m2 antenna area.

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