11MM-DNL101B - Dektite Nu-Lead Black (12-70mm)
Front View

Dektite Nu-Lead Black (12-70mm)


Product Summary

The DEKS Nu-Lead has been developed for flashing penetrations where the handling of lead and associated environmental issues are of concern. DNL101B comes with a roof boot that suits penetrations from 12mm to 70mm and can be trimmed on site. The base is 410mm x 490mm. The unique thermo baked coating does not affect the lead’s malleability, prevents leaching onto the roof into gutter and downpipes and the water table.
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Features and Benefits

  • Weather-resistant EPDM Dektite with a grey primed acrylic coated lead base that is ideal for tile roofs
  • EPDM Dektite with penetration size from 12mm to 70mm
  • Flashing base dimensions 410mm x 490mm
  • Thermo baked coating to prevent leaching
  • Black EPDM working temperature - 50°C (-122°F) to 115°C (239°F)
  • UV stabilized and water resistant

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