11MM-DRF100GB-A - Dektite Rapid Flash Antenna and Solar Black/Grey (6-50mm)
Front View

Dektite Rapid Flash Antenna and Solar Black/Grey (6-50mm)


Product Summary

The DRF100GB-A is designed with a large 280x450mm base with four ports ideal for antenna and solar cable management. Easy installation using a flexible, self adhesive base with internal metal mesh. UV rated, durable and lead free with minimal tools required. Allowing 6-50mm penetration.
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Features and Benefits

  • Foxtel (F31136) approved. Ideal solution for antenna and solar penetrations (6-50mm)
  • Fast to install, requiring 50% less time than metal based solutions with no other products on the market delivering such an attractive finish
  • This Dektite base dresses down perfectly to all roofing material profiles
  • Aesthetically pleasing finish that matches all roof colours
  • Lead free - free from lead and other heavy metals
  • Black Dektite, grey flashing and UV rated

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